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U.S. Middle Market Business Research Study

Middle market businesses are vital to the health and expansion of the U.S. economy and represent nearly one-third of GDP. These small and medium-sized businesses are becoming an increasingly important component of the emerging defense industrial base.

However, while information on public companies can be readily accessed, insight into privately-owned middle market companies is difficult to procure.

Our proprietary research will seek to provide greater insight into this crucial group, by gathering quarterly data via an online survey on how the current economic environment is impacting the operations and strategy of privately held middle-market businesses in the U.S.

We see this as important work, and we can't do it alone.

If you are the owner of a privately-held middle market company in the United States, we kindly ask you to take 5 minutes to share your insight and experience in our study.  This quarter's survey will close on August 16th.  All responses will remain anonymous.

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Capstone Partners is proud to partner with the United States Air Force Concepts, Development Management (CDM) Office of Commercial & Economic Analysis (OCEA) for this research study. The information we gather will strongly support OCEA's mission to study market size, growth, value drivers, players, and trajectory, and will better inform national security stakeholders on the appropriate allocation of investments and support deployed to small and medium-sized businesses.